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Executive Treatment Programs

In response to an overwhelming need for treatment catered to working professionals, we now offer developed a specialized executive rehab for alcoholism and drug rehab that offers higher levels of privacy and personalized service (for more information on this program for professionals, please contact us). This 12 step based program allows our executive clients to get the treatment they need with the privacy and amenities they’re accustomed to.

In each of our residential treatment programs, clients are surrounded by an “experimental environment for living”, where they have the opportunity to utilize their recovery skills, practice living independently and form healthy, sober friendships with other clients and alumni. Our staff offers therapeutic feedback to help our clients evolve their behaviors to offer the highest chance of success post-treatment, while also offering options like crack cocaine addiction support and more. If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of CBD, check these site at green gold from

Aftercare services are provided to all Turning Point alumni at no charge. Alumni meet at our facility on a weekly basis for a staff-facilitated group session, which focuses on processing issues that arise in each client’s life post-treatment.

Inpatient Detoxification

Turning Point offers a medical drug and alcohol detox that allows clients to move through the early days of sobriety safely and without the troubling detox symptoms that often cause clients to abandon treatment. Upon arrival, clients will meet with our staff physician to do a thorough intake of their history with drug and alcohol use and devise a plan to detox them safely and comfortably. Depending on the length of abuse and substances used, medication may be a part of the prescribed detox plan.

A typical detox takes 3 to 7 days, during which clients have around the clock care from our trained and supportive staff. Clients are also allowed contact with friends and family to gather additional emotional support throughout the detox process.

Inpatient Treatment

We offer 30, 60 and 90 day options for inpatient treatment.  The length of stay is determined by the client, their family and their treatment team based on their individual needs.

Turning Point is located in beautiful Mission Viejo, CA, just minutes away from the gorgeous Orange County Coastline. Our treatment center offers our clients the chance to step away from the pressures of their day-to-day lives and immerse themselves in a serene, supportive, recovery-oriented environment.

Our highly individualized treatment plans incorporate evidence-based therapies, including the 12 steps, to help our clients better understand and heal from their addictions. Our treatment plans teach clients about the disease of addiction, allow them to explore how alcohol and drug addiction has negatively affected their lives and helps them come up with actionable plans to live a life of recovery and avoid relapse.

Therapies include both group therapy and individual counseling to help our clients address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery. Group therapy allows clients to gather support from their peers, build confidence and better express emotion, while individual therapy will give them the opportunity to dig deeper into the contributing factors of their addiction, begin the healing process and get the tools they need to live a life of recovery.

Family Program

Addiction is a family disease, and in order to successfully treat it, the entire family needs to be involved. At Turning Point Treatment Center, we offer a comprehensive family program that allows the family to get the education they need to heal their family, set appropriate boundaries and support their loved one during and after treatment.

During this intensive weekend workshop, families will have the opportunity to participate in both group and individual sessions with their loved one, learn more about the disease of addiction and how it affects families and begin to work through the damage addiction has caused them and their loved one.

While results will vary based on the individual, we’re proud of our success rates at Turning Point Treatment Center. Studies show that 89% of Turning Point’s clients remain drug-and-alcohol-free six months after treatment, and 100% of clients surveyed report “improved quality of life” as a result of their time at Turning Point.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, treatment might be the answer. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our individualized treatment plans, highly qualified staff and personalized approach to recovery have a proven track record of success. For more information on treatment at Turning Point Treatment Center, please contact us.

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