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When a person struggling with addiction is on a path of destruction with no end in sight, often times the only way to stop the dangerous behavior and get them the help they need is by staging an intervention.

At Turning Point Treatment Center, we offer alcohol and drug intervention services for families who need help intervening on a loved one, confronting them about their drug and alcohol abuse, setting boundaries and getting the substance abuser into treatment.

Our highly trained interventionists bring years of experience in successful intervention to help navigate families through the intervention process. Our interventionists can travel anywhere in the United States or Canada to offer their professional services to families in need.

Our interventionists take a compassionate, caring approach to intervention. We understand that it’s extremely difficult for a family to watch a loved one destroy their life with drugs or alcohol. Family members often feel as powerless with their addict as the addict does with their addiction. A drug intervention is a process that helps an addict recognizes the extent of their problem through positive confrontation. A well-planned-strategic intervention can stop the denial associated with addiction and persuade the individual to seek professional help.

We also place an emphasis on family wellness. We work with families to educate them on the disease of addiction and help them to set their own boundaries to ensure their safety and recovery whatever the outcome of the intervention. Our interventionists can assist families in finding their own treatment to help with the emotional, physical and financial trauma their loved one’s addiction may have caused.

Our Intervention Team

 Jeffrey Benon, Executive Director / Counselor

Our Drug And Alcohol Intervention Process

  • The first step in the intervention process is a meeting between the interventionist and the family and/or friends. During this meeting, the interventionist will educate the family on the disease of addiction, answer any questions about the intervention process and assist the friends and family in preparing a script to read to the addict during the intervention to encourage them to seek treatment.
  • At a pre arranged place and time, the loved ones, under the direction of the interventionist, present this pre-planned information in a loving way to their loved one. The intervention is done in an effort to break down denial systems and illuminate the problem to the addict as seen through the eyes of the people who love them most.
  • During the intervention, the addict is presented with prearranged treatment options that are ready to be implemented.

 If a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, intervention services and treatment might be the answer. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our individualized treatment plans, highly qualified staff and personalized approach to recovery have a proven track record of success. For more information on our intervention services and treatment at Turning Point Treatment Center, please contact us.

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